Just in Passing

how interesting it is travelling
by train
the many diversions
the landscape
natural or man made
affluent or hard press
beautiful or ugly
intriguing or boring
the conversations
loud, or
barely whispering
mobile phones ringing
private or business
has an audience
tiny secrets slipping
perhaps intentional!
the ceaseless natter
then the sudden silence
the groping for belongings
the agitated hustle
the final stop
the blackening platform
the train forgotten

By Paolo Michell

About pmisteil

Hi, my name is Paul though I write under other names like, Thatcher and Paolo, I love literature, art and architecture their passion and drama....the contradictions. The notion of Truth-who is the person behind the mask? Or does it matter! I like long walks and longer conversations over cappuccinos in a cafe with atmosphere and the rest is a journey!
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