Fingers To Remove Our Blindfolds

i spoke to a real poet
last night
what else!
we agreed that questioning
is the backbone of life!
to come and go as we please
no apology, no excuse
the question mark(?) is the key
to many doors
fingers to remove our blindfolds
a context to what we feel
that moment
poetry magnifies!
yet brings together
words are the archways under which
we pass
whispering to us in our sleep
a light in the pitch black night

By Paolo Michell

About pmisteil

Hi, my name is Paul though I write under other names like, Thatcher and Paolo, I love literature, art and architecture their passion and drama....the contradictions. The notion of Truth-who is the person behind the mask? Or does it matter! I like long walks and longer conversations over cappuccinos in a cafe with atmosphere and the rest is a journey!
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