A Poet On Any Given Day

the poet on any given day
at any moment
will observe the nuance
of the general
or any particular of life
ordinary or otherwise
probe and
poke the certainties
and uncertainties
in the eye
scribble with the symbolic pen
people are the constant
they are never what they seem
that is why poetry will never
poetry is life
it is both the question and the answer
our hinge pin
on which our fragility
allows us step out
behind the mask
be brave
ask the questions while standing
poet, know thyself!


About pmisteil

Hi, my name is Paul though I write under other names like, Thatcher and Paolo, I love literature, art and architecture their passion and drama....the contradictions. The notion of Truth-who is the person behind the mask? Or does it matter! I like long walks and longer conversations over cappuccinos in a cafe with atmosphere and the rest is a journey!
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