the buzz, the heat
dishes clash
the noise of voices
but still in one piece
in cafe Fixx
morning newspapers creased
some still neatly folded
words arranged
to disguise the truth
that, which won’t be said….
the sip, the gulp
the caffeine swallow
the expresso shot
between ten and eleven
there sits the Suits
trained and tailored
to have all the answers
but seldom do
when there is a crisis
maybe, we are in permanent
but we carry on regardless
it’s the pain that gives us
reference points through a
to see or look away
at the end of the day
we make a choice!

By Paolo Michell

About pmisteil

Hi, my name is Paul though I write under other names like, Thatcher and Paolo, I love literature, art and architecture their passion and drama....the contradictions. The notion of Truth-who is the person behind the mask? Or does it matter! I like long walks and longer conversations over cappuccinos in a cafe with atmosphere and the rest is a journey!
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