A Time of Flowers

flowers of time surround

the frost bitten urn

roses, white and red

incline their heads

carnations and lilies

profusely scented

this once perfect urn


how time and weather

those vengeful elements

have shown their scorn

scars exposed….

yet, like a centurion

it stands

its wounds of duty worn

today, brown clay caresses

that once pouting lip

an open fissure….gaping

terra madre in terra cotta

with a hydrangea head


Thatcher Doran






About pmisteil

Hi, my name is Paul though I write under other names like, Thatcher and Paolo, I love literature, art and architecture their passion and drama....the contradictions. The notion of Truth-who is the person behind the mask? Or does it matter! I like long walks and longer conversations over cappuccinos in a cafe with atmosphere and the rest is a journey!
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